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Trawler Yachts Naples FL

Trawler Yachts

Naples Trawler Yachts
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Trawler Yachts in and near Naples Florida

Trawler Yachts in Naples

Salty Stan says..When looking for a yacht that reeks with comfort, confidence, freedom, efficiency, and a docile ride, you need not look any further than a Trawler Yacht.

The brands to consider are Kadey-Krogen - Grand Banks - they deliver a sea-kindly ride for ocean crossings, coastal cruises and Great Loop adventures as well as family weekend outings.

Trawler yachts are intended to go long distances slowly without taxing engine performance. In today's market, the fact that a Krogen is the most fuel-efficient design in its class adds to the value. Trawler yachts enjoy excellent resale prices. Historically, nearly without exception, a well-maintained Trawler Yacht will have appreciated in value over time.

A Trawler Yacht flows naturally from one area to the next, from the fully covered aft deck, to the saloon, up to the pilothouse or down to the sleeping accommodations. This basic design makes the yacht very comfortable and easy to get around in, yet gives every crew member his or her privacy-a key factor in long-term enjoyment. Compare the interiors to other yachts and you will be amazed of this fact. Other interiors feel cubicle-like or compartmental?

Trawler Yachts Naples FL
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Naples Trawler Yachts
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