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Prestige Yachts Naples FL

Prestige Yachts

Naples Prestige Yachts
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Prestige Yachts in and near Naples Florida

Prestige Yachts in Naples


First announced a year ago and eagerly awaited, a 75-foot flagship motor yacht will finally be making her debut. Initially presented under the code name "720," the new Prestige 750 embodies the values of the Prestige brand and marks the entry of Prestige into the world of motor yachts.

As the project took shape, Garroni Design and the Prestige design team conceptualized a 75-foot motor yacht that would challenge the world of traditional yachts by offering a unique feature on this size yacht: the owner's cabin forward, on the main deck.

The new Prestige 750: offering an array of technological advantages Developed with the best Computer Assisted Design software available and tested using intensive tank testing, the hull shape of the Prestige 750 features exceptional sea keeping abilities and comfort on board. Entirely infusion-molded, the structure is optimized for weight distribution and strength. With either MAN 1000 HP or MAN 1200 HP, this motor yacht delivers the best performance and fuel efficiency in her category.
The unique layout of this yacht makes a narrow hull entry design possible, for exceptional performance and comfort at sea.

The all-NEW Prestige 750 is now in the water for sea trials through the end of November, after which time she will make her first official public appearance.

Prestige Yachts Naples FL
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Naples Prestige Yachts
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