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Classic Motor Yachts Naples FL

Classic Motor Yachts

Naples Classic Motor Yachts
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Classic Motor Yachts in and near Naples Florida

Classic Motor Yachts in Naples

Salty Stan says.....This is an era of vintage yachts that were built out of wood and considered to be in a class of their own. The design and construction demonstrates how deeply the pride of the individual craftsman took in building a vessel of true beauty and durability before mass production techniques came into play and took all the individual pride out of the equation.

Thus the Classic Motor Yacht Association has organized a group that is dedicated to promote and encourage the restoration, preservation and maintenance of fine old power-driven pleasure craft. Since that time, the Classic Yacht Association has become a major influence in the growing awareness and appreciation of the classic yacht. The Association and its various fleets are active in a yearly agenda of yachting and social activities that focus attention on the unique craftsmanship and design of the classic era.

Most of the classic boats were built in the twenties and early thirties. The oldest member yacht was built in 1906. Many of the boats are in the range of thirty to fifty feet, although there are a number under twenty feet and the largest is 135 feet long. Popular designers and builders of the period are well represented. Names like Stephens Bros., Matthews, Lake Union Drydock Co., Fellows and Stewart, Chris-Craft, Elco, Blanchard, Geary, and Monk are common. Dozens of other builders and designers account for the remainder of the vessels.

Classic Motor Yachts Naples FL
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Naples Classic Motor Yachts
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