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Beneteau Yachts Naples FL

Beneteau Yachts

Naples Beneteau Yachts
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Beneteau Yachts in and near Naples Florida

Beneteau Yachts in Naples

Salty Stan says...The latest exploits of the Beneteau Yard have given birth to 5 new yachts in the span of 12 months. In a few years, they have therefore made considerable headway in terms of innovation, reactiveness, quality and cost control.

For more than 120 years, their single passion has always been to perpetuate the tradition, to offer stylishly elegant boats; always with a quality of finish beyond reproach.

Innovation and creativity have guided Beneteau's expansion. Working on industrialization processes, the R&D department is comprised of twenty experts. They develop, adapt, correct and control, with the sole objective of delivering high quality, durable boats that are available to a wide public.

The Mastery of Composites and their Implementation is a strategic challenge. A boat is a sophisticated structure subjected to continuous assaults. To resist aging and weather conditions, the materials used must have many intrinsic qualities which they should keep after their often complex assembly.

Beneteau Yachts in and near Naples Florida

Their R&D teams devote a large amount of their time to optimizing these composites and making them compatible. By continuously keeping up with technological innovations and being highly involved in projects for new boats the R&D office provides technical solutions responding to more and more extensive design, quality and cost control requirements. In the area of industrial processes, the main aim of the laboratory is to search for ingenious solutions in order to reduce production time. They also now ensure that no shortage in the supply of raw materials should disrupt production. Optimization of processes and securing supplies strongly contributes to Beneteau's competitiveness.

Beneteau Yachts in and near Naples Florida
Beneteau Yachts Naples FL
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Naples Beneteau Yachts
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